Located on a 15-decare area with a cafeteria, swimming pool, fruit trees, swings, and free bikes, Villa Kırkpınar is a facility consisting of private garden villas as well as the main building in which we have been living for 6 generations and now which we use as the reception with our team who is always at your service.

Our villas were built mainly with wooden by using eco-friendly materials. Our villas, where we offer daily cleaning service, were designed as your second home to make you have a holiday in the comfort of a hotel and in the warmth of a house..

Each duplex villa with optional extra beds and with a large patio have been equipped with Wi-Fi, TV, barbecue, fireplace, an air conditioner in every room and a fully-equipped kitchen where you can find any tools you need.

In our site, two swimming pools, one of which is for kids, as well as a kids' playground with swings, cafeteria, free bikes and free parking lot are at your service.

Activity Area

Outdoor Parking
Children's playground
Mini Market
Swimming pool

Luggage Storage

There are more than 40 reasons to stay at Villa Kırkpınar. Let us write just a few...

You will be surrounded by the greenery, and eat chestnut, walnut, apple, fig, cherry, and plum freshly from the branches in season.

In your detached and comfortable villa, you will be able to feast thanks to the fully-equipped kitchen, and enjoy the barbeque in your garden.

After skiing in Kartepe in winter, you will be able to enjoy the fireplace in your villa which is preheated for you. The firewoods are from us!

You will be able to embrace the centuries-old chestnut tree in our garden only with 3-4 people together.

In your private pool surrounded by green plants, you will be able to watch the forest view, swim, and sunbathe.

You will be able to tour on the surrounding bicycle paths with your bike, and go for a trekking on the hiking trails.

You will be able to be back to your childhood while swinging on the swings hanging from our trees.

While resting on your hammock, you will meet the "quiet" again which you long for within the chaos of the city. Of course, except for the calls of the crickets and nightingales.

"When you arrive here, you will be welcomed by our centuries-old chestnut tree. Put your ear on its trunk and let it tell you the story of an old journey. Let it speak of the Circassian, the people of Çizemua, and the old ones…."

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